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Michael Delia and Jaroslav Koran met  during the first Hermit Symposium in Plasy, Czechoslovakia in 1992. They began to collaborate with Michael being invited to join in a concert of Orloj Snivcu-The Horologe of Dreamers, a group founded by Jaroslav with his brother Michal which features a homemade gamelan style instrument,  The "Orloj" inspired  from the astronomical clock located in the Old Town Square in Prague representing past, present and future time, "the ancient time of dreamland". The concert, also with Marek Sebelka and Martin Janicek, took place at Klub Belmondo June, 1992.

They continued to perform and record together each subsequent year when Michael returned to Prague with Orloj Snivcu and Jaroslav's improvising orchestra Zapomenuty Orchestr Zeme Snivcu- The Forgotten Orchestra of Dreamland, otherwise known as F.O.O.D.


They solidified their work together when Michael relocated for a year to Prague in 1996 and followed that with Jaroslav receiving an Arts-link grant which brought him to New York for 6 weeks at the end of 1997. There he and Michael created the New York version of the Orloj.

Combing the industrial waterfront for metal pipes and collecting the styrofoam boxes used for resonators at night in Chinatown, the New York Orloj was created in The Kentler Gallery in Red Hook with thanks  to it's director Florence Neal for use of it's space. There, once the instrument was finished, rehearsing and recording a performance structure ensued in preparation for a concert during Experimental Intermedia's Festival with No Fancy Name December Series.

The recordings resulted in a cd titled "Red Hook".

They also performed at the Knitting Factory for the first time under the name "Dreamers Crossing"



Future recording projects followed, Usuku recorded in the Plasy Monastery, Cimelice Songs with Jennifer de Felice and Beat the Drum, mbira, drums and electronics.

In 2002 they did a "Tea Tour"-concerts across the Czech Republic performing in "Cajovna's" special "Tea Houses" particular to the Czech lands.



Dreamers Crossing continues, often with other invited musicians, most recently with Anna Homler and Fabio Turchetti during the Alternativa festival in Prague, 2014 and the prior year with Czech musician Milli Janatkova.

Dreamers Crossing

Jaroslav Koran and Michael Delia

F.O.O.D.-Radost/mbira - F.O.O.D.w/mdelia
Dreamers-Orloj - Koran/Delia
Dreamers Trio with Milli Janatkova
Klub RybanaruPrague, CZ 2013   
Orloj Snivcu- w.4th St. NYC 2012
Dreamers Crossing with Anna Homler and
Fabio Turchetti(orso lupo) Alternativa festival 
Prague, CZ 2014   
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