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Bass Elbogo
Spring reverb Elbogo
Los Elbogos

The Elbogo's inspiration comes from playing various hand percussion styles and drums; frame drums, dumbeck and bongo's vertically positioned on the lap allowing for a frame drum technique. I was intrigued by the "ready-made" aspect of the pvc elbow connectors as a vessel for percussion. My initial experiments was to combine the plastic with natural skin. While the sound and look was appealing the skin is too susceptible to moisture. I wanted to avoid including tuning hardware and decided to experiment with polycarbonate. The result is the current version I am presenting here. The polycarbonate head allows for a consistency of tone and durability and also creates a consistent overtone form the drum similar to a frame drum, but more reminiscent of a tabla. The shape allows for it to easily fit on the knee while playing with two hands. The  sound hole doubles as a pitch shifter similar to the clay udo. The pvc body of the drum comes in various sizes from small to large allow for an ensemble setting. I have also experimented with spring reverb elements added inside the drum and also with various changeable heads using different materials: wood, thinner plastic and even a small kalimba attachment. The simplicity of the drum's design and it's sonic capabilities of melodic percussion are the essential aspects of the Elbogo.

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