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I first met  Anna Homler in the fall of 1990 after a concert in NYC at P.S.9 where she had performed with a giant pair of red lips sitting on an easel. I was standing where she had been performing in the space and upon looking down I found a small button with the head of Mozart on it. I thought it must belong to her and when I inquired with the button she exclaimed "Oh, you found my Mozart!" By the time she left NY the giant lips found a temporary home hanging in the corner of my bathroom.  We met again the following year in Holland while I was visiting Amsterdam for the first time. I went to see her perform at the Melk Fabrik in Hertogenbosch.  There I met Milos Vojtechovksy who asked  if I had ever been in Prague. In 1992 he organized the first Hermit Symposium in Plasy, Czechoslovakia.

Anna Homler /Crooks and Nannies

"Dreamers Crossing" 2014
Anna Homler, Michael Delia, Jaroslav Koran
Fabio Turchetti
akordian song - Anna Homler/Michael Delia
Mobius 2009 concert excerpt - Crooks and Nannies
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