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"Waterbows" Cisticka, Prague, Czechia

Created during a sound symposium held in a former waterworks plant in Prague.

Played by moving through the still water of the underground tunnels. Performed during the opening performance of the symposium.

An instrument which was developed while in residency in                                     in 2004. Similar to a Mouth bow or Berimbau the Waterbow is either  played by  running water which excites the string or moving the bow back and forth when in still water. A resonator amplifies the sound  as a personal "headphone" for the player.  An ear pressed directly against the branch is also possible for a more introspective listening. The first listening experiments where conducted with only branches. The sound of the running water would modulate through the wood and depending on the type of wood and it length and thickness  produce different timbres and volume of sound. Collected branches and listening to the sounds of the Cascata is now an annual event during the Stazione di Topolo.

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