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Topolofono and Monocordofono


Stazione di Topolo, Topolo, Italy


 In the "cascata" a long string is stretched from a point above  down into the running water. Bridged by a branch the water sets the string in vibration. The ensuing sound is amplified through resonating cans and headphones connected by strings running perpendicular to the main cord thus allowing the listener to hear the sounds of the string in somewhat isolation from the natural acoustic of the water.

Sounds recorded in Topolo together with the Monocordofono are transmitted through long wires originating from a central location in the village. The wires connect the lower and upper parts of the village and the sound is transmitted with the use of Piezo microphones which act as drivers sending the recorded signals through the wires which are then amplified by various resonating objects and headphones.


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