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Mbira Building

Bubec Studio, Prague CZ.

 Three day workshop building and learning to play the Nyunga Nyunga type Mbira. The Mbira  originates from Southern Africa. The instrument consists of 15 metal keys fixed over a metal bridge on a wooden soundboard. The keys are held in place by a metal cross bar which creates the tension for the keys to vibrate. The first day of the workshop students will be introduced to the instrument and begin by choosing and preparing a soundboard. The second day will begin the preparing and shaping of the first set of keys and fixing them to the soundboard.

Third day is to create the second set of high keys and then tune the instrument. This will follow by instruction on playing techniques and students will learn a basic pattern to a traditional song.

Materials: 8.5 x 6.5 x .75 inch hardwood soundboard, 3/16 diameter metal rod, eyebolts and 1/8 diameter piano wire.

Tools reguired: flat wood chisel, drill, anvil, sledgehammer, metal files/sandpaper.

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