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"Lighthouse" Inspired from a satellite image of a large piece of glacier breaking away from the ice shelf in Greenland.

"Flotsam and Jetsam" is the series of painted sculptures which are comprised of used containers and packaging. Useless or discarded objects which often end up floating in the oceans: here they end up floating about in various places in the gallery.

In conjunction with the gallery exhibition, installed on campus is a wind harp-chair sculpture, one in a series where the viewer is asked to sit while listening to the sound of the harp being sounded by the wind.


solo exhibition

Sussex County Community College

Newton, NJ


Abstract notions on changing lands and seas; an exhibitons of works on paper and canvas, sculpture, and kinetic sound/light sculpture installation.

Watergraph is term used for the works on paper and canvases. Like the light captured in a photograph the watergraph captures the movement of the oil-based paint as it reacts in the water. As the paint floats into various shapes multiple canvases or paper are printed until the paint is completely lifted from the water. These images are then composed into an overall composition by connecting the various shapes and forms creating a form of mapping similar to satellite images.

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