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CCA Prague, 2002
The Golden Teeth
Galerie Skolska, Prague, 2008
Klub Rybanaruby, Prague, 2013

 Martin Alacam arrived in the Plasy Monastery on invitation from Milos Vojtechovksy to join in Michael Delia's recording project Usuku in August of 1998. A musical collaboration thus began which continues to the present going through various mutations in style, name and additional musicians. After the Plasy sessions which produced two tracks on Michael's cd Usuku released in 2000, they met for an improvised concert in August 2002 at the CCA in Prague.

After the success of the concert they began to meet regularly composing compositions for Mbira and Guitar which were performed in concert during the Alternativa Festival in Prague, November, 2002 as the duo, MaM. After a three year pause with Michael returning to NY and Martin relocated to Istanbul, they met again in Prague and began again to play and compose new pieces.



The duo then transformed into the trio " The Golden Teeth with the addition of American percussion virtuoso Hearn Gadbois who had some years earlier moved to Prague. The addition of Gadbois's

finger-work took the counterpoint of the guitar and mbira into another level of weaving complexity.

After 3 years the trio became a duo again with Hearn's departure, but soon after the cellist Lucy Fillery-Murphy came aboard forming a new trio MLM. New arrangements and compositions followed with Lucy also adding her own pieces and singing. But once again, after a  few years Lucy left Prague for Boston where she now lives.  Michael and Martin again resumed as the renamed duo delia|alacam taking the sound in a new direction with analogue synthesis while waiting for the next metamorphosis.

Palac Akropolis, Prague, 2010
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