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Cascatelle Monocordia

Stazione di Topolo


Long string installation and performance

  Three long piano wires are installed over the running stream,"cascata", between trees and stones placed in the water. The strings are bridged by branches placed in the stream. The running water through the branch ( bridge) vibrates and excites the string to sound. A piezo microphone is placed on the end of the string which amplify the sound.

Recordings were made directly through the piezo capturing the undertones of the rushing water, the drone of the string and incidental sounds of debris hitting the bridge.


A performance/presentation of the installation was performed together with Angelica Castello and made possible by the extraordinary sound technician Valerio Bergnach. With his mobile sound system he was able to amplify the sounds of the long strings which mixed with the natural acoustic of the "cascata".


Angelica on Paetzold sub great bass recorder and Michael Delia on Waterbow performed a concert improvising with the natural acoustic enviornment of the "cascata".

Cascatelle Monocordia - Michael Delia
Cascatelle Performance - Michael Delia + Angelica CastelloUnknown Artist
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